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Bankruptcy Post-Filing Class Online

Innovo Program

Post-Bankruptcy Filing Class

Welcome to INNOVO, CENTS’ online personal financial management instructional course. (Innovo is latin for “to renew.”)

Please note we cannot issue you a certificate if you are filing in North Carolina or Alabama. Please see the United States Trustee website if you are filing in one of those states.


    If you do not have a bankruptcy case number, please do not take this course yet. The INNOVO online course is approximately 3 hours long and costs $20 for single filers and $25 for joint filers. You can pay with a credit card, checking account or PayPal account.
 You can complete the course at your leisure; you do not need to complete it all in one sitting. 
Upon completion of this online course, you will be asked to fill out a certificate registration form. After you have filled this out, a certificate of course completion will be emailed to you within three days. When you complete the course, you will have another opportunity to list an email where you want us to send your certificate. You will want to check the spam/junk folders of that email as well when you are done with the course.
    A bankruptcy filer must take :

    1. A credit counseling class BEFORE he or she files AND
    2. A financial education class AFTER he or she files.
  3. Innovo is the financial education class to be taken AFTER filing bankruptcy and AFTER you have a case number. If you have not yet filed and do not have a case number, do not take Innovo yet. If you need to take the pre-filing credit counseling class, you can take it from us here.
  4. You may experience technical difficulties with the video. If this happens follow the easy instructions to switch to the text version and take the class that way. It doesn’t matter if you take the video or text version or a combination of the two.IMPORTANT: To help ensure the video works:
    • You must have the current version of Flash Player. This course uses flash to play the videos, and you will not be able to view the course with older versions of the Flash Player. You can get it for free from their website here : http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer
    • You must accept cookies from this site. Cookies are usually on by default, but if you have changed your security settings in your browser or disabled them, you will need to create an exception for this course as it utilizes cookies to track your progress.

      Please note that changing cookie settings can affect the security of your computer and CENTS and KCBA cannot be held liable for any technical issues that may result from these changes. Please remember to reset your computer back to its original settings after you have completed our course.

    • Javascript must be enabled. These pages utilize Javascript, a common resource for web pages, for many operations. Your browser will need to have Javascript enabled for these pages to function.
  5. Please note we can only provide limited support directly related to this online class. If the video is not working for you, you will have to switch to the text based version. We will not be able to troubleshoot video issues with your computer and/or the program. We will refund your payment if you are unable to complete the course and get your certificate elsewhere.
    Click on the register link to register for the class. You will create your password and your username is the email you enter. (Remember or write down both, please.) After you register, wait 15 minutes and you can use your username and password to enter the course. We will also email the info to you and class link. (Our email may get intercepted by your spam/junk filter so remembering or writing down your username and password are best practices). Click here to register.
    If you have registered and created your own password (your username is the email you entered), wait 15 minutes to enter the course. After 15 minutes, enter your username and password to enter the course. If you have not registered, click on the register link in number 6 above. After you receive your password, you can also click on the link below to reach the log-in page and enter the course with your password. You will first be required to enter your username and password.There will be a codeword in every section that will appear below the video player for a few seconds. Again, not on the video player or video player screen, but below it. Make note of it as you will have to enter the codeword to move on. The text version does not have codewords.At the end of the course you need to fill out the certificate request form. You can list the email address(es) where you want it emailed at that time.

    If you score less than 70% on your total quiz grade, you will need to email CENTS to receive your certificate.
    If you have already registered for the course, please
    Click Here to Enter the Course!

    If you have not registered for the course, please do so under item 6 above.

If you have already registered for the Innovo Course

Please click here to log-in.

Register for the Class

Click on the link to register for the class. After you register, you will receive your username and password to begin the course. Click here to register.