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Please consider becoming a stakeholder in our effort to educate and protect Washington consumers.

You can also mail a check or money order (made out to “CENTS”) to:

1200 Fifth Avenue, Ste. 700
Seattle, Wa 98101

Donations to CENTS, a 501(c)(3), are tax deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.


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CENTS can work with your schedule to create a volunteer experience. CENTS seeks volunteers for the following volunteer positions:

  1. Volunteer Program Coordinator
    1. Primary responsibilities:
      1. Answer phone, return calls/emails
      2. Special projects
    2. Shift length: 4-8 hours
    3. Hours per week: 8-40
    4. Commitment: 3 months minimum
    5. Qualifications: college student, paralegal, or legal secretary
      1. Good fits may be students of social work, political science, pre-law, non-profit
  2. Volunteer Legal Researcher & Writer
    1. Primary responsibilities:
      1. Review materials and programs
      2. Legal research
      3. Draft new materials
    2. Commitment:
      1. Let us know your availability:
        1. Hours per week
        2. For how many months
        3.  and we’ll come up with a project.
    3. Projects
      1. Review current classes & programs
      2. Review training materials
      3. Research/write on specific legal issue
      4. Create guides/brochures for general public
        1. Collections, garnishments, credit reports, et cetera
    4. Qualifications: Lawyer or law student
  3. Volunteer Program Manager
    1. Primary Responsibilities
      1. Help manage one or more of CENTS’ programs
        1. Innovo/Credit Counseling
        2. Financial Clinic
        3. Money Answers
        4. MoneySense
      2. Evaluate/Enhance one or more program
    2. Commitment. Let us know:
      1. Hours per week
      2. For how many months
    3. Qualifications: Graduate student or professional experience
      1. Public administration, social work, non-profit, business student
  4. Volunteer Marketing Coordinator
    1. Primary Responsibilities
      1. Create plan to promote one or more of CENTS’ programs
      2. Help with execution of promotion plan
    2. Commitment. Let us know:
      1. Hours per week
      2. For how many months
    3. Qualifications: business or marketing/PR student or professional
  5. Volunteer Non-legal Research Project
    1. Primary Responsibilities
      1. Research project on program(s)
        1. Program populations
        2. Program effectiveness
    2. Commitment:
      1. Hours per week
      2. For how many months
    3. Qualification: student research project